Internal Auditor acc. ISO 9001:2015
Interner Systemauditor für ISO 9001
Externer Systemauditor für ISO 9001:2015 (IRCA)
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Mrs. Oliva Gueli
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The assessment of quality management systems during internal audits is a main part of ISO 9001 requirements. Regular internal audits improve an existing quality management system and make it more efficient. Therefore it is essential, that those audits are performed by qualified personal. The training supplies a comprehensive overview of current requirements of ISO 9001 with special focus on the responsibilities of the management representatives.

Goal of this training is to gain and deepen knowledge about ISO 9001 and to be able to apply it in the practical audit situation. All participants will learn beyond the process of audit planning and audit performance also the right behavior during the auditing incl. interviews. After a successful examination, the participants will be able to perform 1 and 2 party audits.


Content of the training:

•-          Introduction to ISO 9001:2015

•-          Requirements of ISO 9001:2015

•-          The new High Level Structure

•-          Process oriented audit approach

•-          Risk based thinking

•-          Audit process according to ISO 19011: Audit planning, audit preparation, audit performance, reporting

•-          Introduction to legal requirements

•-          Planning and performing of internal audits

•-          Communication techniques

•-          Audit interview, Auditor behavior, Audit preparation

•-          Exercises, workshops

•-          Written examination




Written examination


All training costs like training materials, certificates and examination fee are included. Training takes part in BV office. Accomodation excluded


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